violinist掛橋佑水[ヴァイオリニスト かけはしゆみ]

Biography of an artist

Yumi Kakehashi is a Japanese classical violinist.
In the age of 3,she started to play piano and changed later to the violin.
After finishing the Toho Gakuen Women Highschool of Music.
She graduated the Toho Gakuen,Music College,the most famous private College for the music study in Japan. During that time,she has studied with Prof.Toshiya Eto,the most appreciated educator in this field,and also with Prof.Angela Eto as well.

After her graduation of that College,she went abroad to study,namely to the Mozarteum,Salzburg,Austria,and studied with Prof.Ruggiero Ricci.
At a Concert organized by the City of Kitzbuehl,she played with Mr.Ricci.
She continued publicly played her violin in Austria and Germany.
For the chamber music,she studied with Prof.Jan Jacque Cantorof.
As Scholarship holder by the Hungarian State,she went to the Liszt Music Academy in Budapest and studies with the late Prof.Tatrai Virmos.
In Budapest,she has been selected as major player of violin in the Recital organized by the Academy,and played violin in the Concert
organized by the Japanese Embassy in Budapest.

Futhermore,she finished successfully the Master classes,for example led by Igor Oistrakh,son of the famous violinist,David Oistrakh at Toulouse and the Summer International Academy in Salzburg.
Because of her performances,she has been appointed in the selected members Concert.

She succeeded in the new talent auditions by the Tokyo International Artist Association,and by the Concert Vivan, She won the second best position in the international competition. In the recent years she played as violin-solist in many concerts,and also played as an active part in the string orchestra as sub-concert mistress.
in many concerts,and also played as an active part in many string orchestra.